Nikki Benbenek and Brian Benbenek Formal Photo

Our Story

Hi There! We are Nikki and Brian, husband & wife and partners that have a passion for parenthood, woodworking, and quality products. We combined all three to create Blueberry and Third Studios.

It all started when we built The Climbing Arch for our daughters first birthday. She was all over the place and we wanted to have something that was hers to climb, but also wanted it to fit seamlessly into our co-living and play area. We had friends come over blown away that we built the Arch and that's what sparked it all. We decided to build a workshop so we would be able produce The Arch and other Montessori-inspired play furniture (and toys!).

We often get the question of how we came up with our name, and we're not shy to say! Blueberry comes from the first drink that we shared on our first date, and Third is the street where our family started and many of our first wood children's and home designs were born.

As two Montessori-Parents, we are committed to designing and crafting products that promote exploration, imagination, and hands-on learning experiences for children. With a focus on quality, safety, and environmental responsibility, we strive to be a trusted partner for educators, parents, and caregivers seeking long-lasting solutions for children's spaces.

We're happy you made it to our shop and we can't wait to be apart of your play space or classroom!