Activity Board Collection

Our Activity Boards are fun-shaped boards with an array of small holes for your child to place colorful wooden balls into to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! There are no rules on how to use the board, or the items you place in the holes! Use the provided wooden balls or add in some glittery or fluffy pom-poms for extra flair.

The boards feature soft engraved lines to help outline the overall shape, but leaves everything else open to interpretation and imagination! The Activity Boards are a perfect addition to your sensory play rotation are a welcomed change of pace to play time.

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  • A kid playing with a rainbow shaped aactivity puzzle

    Fine Motor & Hand-Eye

    Little hands need little things to play with! The nature of the Activity Boards require fine movements to place each ball in a particular spot and helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills.

  • Calm & Quieting

    Getting kids to settle and sit down can be hard! The Activity Boards are an engaging and engrossing activity that is sure to keep your little ones occupied while promoting a sense of calm while playing with it.

  • Wood puzzle for kids shaped like a rocket

    Pattern Recognition

    Kid's have great imaginations, so let them run free! Coming up with simple and complex patterns are easy with the Activity Boards. There's no right or wrong way to fill the board with color!

Puzzle for children that's shaped like a rocket ship and comes with colorful painted balls

Independent Play

Kids need down time, just like adults do. The Activity Boards make this simple need much more fun and engaging. Challenging kids to create new designs with each completion will help them enjoy time to themselves to think and use their creativity.