Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products 100% made in the USA?

YES! We design, manufacture, package, and fulfill orders from our shop in Ashburn, Virginia.

We also partner with other USA manufacturers and suppliers for some smaller components.

What materials do you use?

The poplar hardwood in our products is grown in the USA, but the birch plywood is grown and sourced from the Baltic region of Europe.

Are your products safe for kids?

Yes, we use water-based paints and finishes that have virtually zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and are 100% safe for any child to use and handle.

Do your products meet safety standards?

Yes. Safety is one of our top concerns in our design and manufacturing process. Blueberry and Third products meet or exceed all Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements and safety standards.

Are the weight limits for you products?

Our products are very strong and sturdy, but we cannot recommend adults use our products with their full weight. Suggested weights can be found on individual product pages.

What are the recommended ages for your products?

All recommended ages are listed on our product pages as well as our product documentation. Some of our products contain small parts that can be considered choking hazards so we do not recommend giving one of our products to a child under the recommended age limit.

What if a part breaks or there's something missing from my order?

Unfortunately, things break or go missing! We wish it we're never true, but sometimes there might be an issue with one of your products.

If there is an issue with your order, please contact us with the following information and we'll work to get it resolved as soon as we can:

  • Your order number
  • Pictures of broken part/product
  • Description of issue

Can I use your products outside?

Our products are made from natural materials and therefore susceptible to Mother Nature. Our water-based paint and finishes protect from daily use, but will not protect from outdoor elements such as intense heat, cold, rain, or snow. Our products are best enjoyed indoors on a soft surface.

How should I clean your products?

We recommenced cleaning our products with a damp cloth first. If that does not do the job, a mild cleaning agent can be used. We do not recommend any harsh or strong cleaning solutions as it may damage the paint or finish of the product.

What happens if my product gets wet?

We go to great lengths to protect our products, but if you happen to have an accident and one of the products gets wet, have no fear! In most instances, if a product gets wet, you can simply wipe down the product with a dry cloth. If the product gets soaked, we recommend thoroughly drying the product and inspecting the product for damage before next use.

What are the oval patches on my product?

During the manufacturing process of the birch plywood, imperfections such as knots are cut out and replaced with a filler patch for structural integrity. These are purely cosmetic, and in many instances, virtually unnoticeable.

What is an "Eco-Grade" product?

"Eco-Grade" is a designation we give products that do not meet Blueberry and Third's aesthetic standards but are still structurally sound and completely safe. Examples of these would be products with small chips, cracks, high patch-counts or voids along the edges or any other products with slight blemishes, dents, or marks. We offer discounts throughout the year for these products as a value to customers who don't mind a little ding or dent! All sales of these products are final, and no returns will be accepted.

What is Blueberry and Third's return and refund policy?

Please refer to our Refund Policy for all returns and refund-related inquires.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently do not offer international shipping as default, but if there is a need, we're happy to work with you to work something out! Drop us a line and we can talk about it.